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Oh No! Did someone say “SEX”. Isn’t it Taboo?

Well at VitalityMD we’re open for discussion and we are here to listen.

What’s the biggest complaint I hear at the office, “ I‘ve lost my Mojo and I want it back!!”

Sexual health isn’t just about having sex but treating medical conditions that affect it, like menopause, vaginal atrophy, vaginal dryness, pain with intercourse, stress urinary incontinence, loss of libido, inability to orgasm, lichen sclerosis, erectile dysfunction, andropause and so much more.

We were the first clinic in Toronto , Ontario and Canada for that matter to address people’s sexual concerns. We are the leaders in the field and have solutions to problems.

The O-Shot®, also known as the Orgasm Shot®, is a patented PRP treatment for increased sexual pleasure, reduced urinary incontinence.

Emfemme 360® is a medical procedure that is  innovative and safe and takes only 8 minutes to rejuvenate your vagina. 

Vaginal rejuvenation treatments are a real thing and so many women in Toronto and the GTA are looking for answers.

Do you leak urine when you laugh, cough, sneeze or workout? Urinary incontinence is an extremely common condition.

The Priapus Shot, also known as the P-Shot, is a revolutionary procedure for men who cannot reach or maintain an erection

Femilift® is the 21st Century’s most advanced non-surgical vaginal tightening and vaginal rejuvenation laser to restore feminine health.

Hey ladies! Have you had a baby and things aren’t  feeling the same down there?

Vampire Wing Lift restores the appearance and functionality of your Vaginal region due to aging, childbirth, and even trauma

Our medical spa services in Toronto aims to provide healthy skin care treatments and a true sense of well-being for its clientele with the latest advances in non-surgical medical aesthetics treatment options, from the removal of spider veins to rejuvenation laser treatments.

Exosomes treatments are based on the most cutting edge scientific biotech breakthrough for skin and scalp rejuvenation and regeneration



Our treatment uses a
combo of micro-needling
and radiofrequency in a
very unique way to
achieve that healthy,
transparent, glowing

Scarlet RF delivers visible results, even after one treatment. It enhances the skin by stimulates collagen and elastin to improve volume, elasticity, texture and overall appearance.

Botox is one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatments available worldwide to effectively remove, and even prevent, wrinkles from forming on your face

Cosmetic PRP, also known as Platelet-Rich Plasma, repairs your skin at the cellular level using your very own plasma.

Thinning hair, hair loss and male pattern baldness can be rectified or improved with PRP, Exosomes, and growth factors. Be proactive and stop losing!

Our Medical Anti-Aging Facials and Peels are an excellent way to reduce signs of aging while letting your confidence shine.

Laser Genesis is an innovative, technologically advanced beauty treatment to promote healthy looking skin and produce new collagen.

Functional Medicine refers to the personalized approach to medical care which deals with primary prevention and emphasizes “patient care” rather than “disease care”. This approach manages patients as unique individuals with distinct environmental exposures and genetic predispositions and recognizes that while our genetics may “load the gun”, it is the environment which “pulls the trigger”. Functional Medicine balances these internal and external factors with the goal to achieving optimal health through nutrition, exercise, stress-reduction, restorative sleep, detoxification and hormone balance.

The most effective way to bring your hormones into balance is by restoring them to youthful levels with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT)

We offer a variety of weight management programs that are all medically supervised programs by our team of trained Physicians and Nurses. 

Functional Medicine refers to the personalized approach to medical care which deals with primary prevention and emphasizes “patient care” rather than “disease care”.

Vaginal atrophy generally happens in menopause but many women can experience it during perimenopause and other times in their life where they have low estrogen. 

The benefits of genetic testing are enormous and can help guide us to make a significant difference in our health.

Did you know that Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is recognized as a contributing factor for hormonal deficiencies associated with personality and mood disorders? 

We offer a variety of weight management programs that are all medically supervised programs by our team of trained Physicians and Nurses. 

Our goal is to provide you with the very best in Integrative & Collaborative care, optimizing your health so you can enjoy enriched vitality.

Do You Feel Like Your Vitality is Depleted?

Our integrative functional medical vitality health clinic & medical spa team specializes in whole-body vitality to help you radiate beauty from the inside out

cosmetic nurse vitality
Our Approach
We use a holistically integrative approach to patient care, combining Conventional and Functional Medicine with Lifestyle Coaching, Anti-Aging Treatments and Personalized Fitness to boost your confidence and improve your #WholeBodyVitality

People live longer, but to maintain a good quality of life, we need to take better care of ourselves. This means we need to become aware of our current state of health and vitality (mind, body, and spirit), correct deficiencies, and build on our strengths.

Isn’t it Time You Make Your Long Term Health & Vitality a Priority?

Visit our ‘Oasis in the City’

Enriched Vitality is our gift to you, in addition to highly personalized treatment plans customized to your specific needs and goals, thanks to our team of experienced and innovative practitioners. Each of our providers have their own unique skill set and all are carefully selected to serve you best and we continue to offer an expanding array of personalized services and programs to rejuvenate you and improve your health.

Our practitioners specialize in Conventional and Functional Medicine, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Naturopathic Care, Genetic Testing and Analysis, IV Vitamin Therapy, Medically Supervised Weight Loss, Holistic Nutrition Guidance, Stress Management, Doctor Administered BOTOX® and Fillers, Medical Aesthetics, and Sexual Health.

To help you feel connected with your community, we also provide regular education events on variety of topics ranging from ‘How to improve your Libido’ to ‘How to manage your fatigue’. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Integrative Functional Medical Clinic & Medical Spa Team Specializes in Whole Body Vitality to Help You Radiate Beauty from the Inside Out

VitalityMD is physician run Health and Wellness Centre geared to help clients optimize their health using a combination of Functional and Conventional Medicine. We are a one stop shop, offering clients a spa environment to take care of their health, sexual health, wellness, and cosmetic needs. Known as “An Oasis in the City,” VitalityMD has everything you need to live better and longer.
Some services related to women’s health and functional medicine are either covered or partly covered by OHIP. When Dr. Caplan, (or other physicians/NP/RN) act like a regular doctor providing conventional medicine, those services are billable under OHIP but when providing functional medicine/alternative medicine, that component is billable to the patient. We use OHIP covered as well as Functional Medicine labs which are not covered depending on the clinical scenario. Most of the other services at the clinic are not covered by OHIP. Depending on your plan, Naturopathic services may be covered by some extended health insurance. Other services such as the O-Shot, Viveve, Functional Medicine visit etc. may be covered under a healthcare spending account (HSA) or written off at the end of the year for tax purposes.
Bio-Identical Hormones have the same molecular structure as our own. As we age, our hormones tend to decline causing imbalances and unpleasant side effects. Bio-Identical Hormones can help to restore hormones back to optimal levels, resulting in more energy, feeling well, better memory, improved metabolism, and a youthful glow. Conditions where it may be useful include PMS, perimenopause, menopause, andropause, weight loss and infertility. Dr. Caplan and her team of experts have perfected this program by balancing hormones and modulating certain genes to reduce risk. Hormone therapy of any kind is not without risk, but there are studies to show that bio-identical hormone therapy may have less risk.
Conventional medicine is excellent at addressing acute and urgent medical conditions: physical trauma, broken bones, and acute illnesses. Conventional medicine has become extremely effective in developing techniques to treat these acute problems. Thorough a partnership of patient and provider, integrative functional medicine seeks to treat the whole person – body, mind, spirit, and environment – to promote health and wellness through the treatment and prevention of disease. Functional medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease, using a systems-oriented, science-based approach to identify and try to fix imbalances in the body. This form of medicine is deeply rooted in science; therefore, it uses a new framework for evaluating predisposition, hormone variations, and metabolic functions, allowing for a more tailored therapy. Functional medicine redefines disease treatment by focusing on the mechanism and cause rather than merely the illness label. At VitalityMD, we utilize a harmony of conventional, integrative, and functional medicine to assist the innate healing properties of each patient.

Known as the Orgasm Shot, the O-Shot® is a procedure that uses your own blood to rejuvenate your private area. Anyone who has decreased sensation, stress urinary incontinence, lichen sclerosis, vestibulitis, vaginal dryness, and so much more can benefit from it.
It’s not only for the older perimenopausal and menopausal women but anyone who wants to up their game. It helps women on antidepressants who find they are having a hard time having that big O! Younger women can benefit too as many are on the birth control pill, which can cause decreased libido.

Scarlet RF microneedling technology delivers radiofrequencies deep into the skin using patented technologies called the “NA Effect,” which emits direct heat precisely into the skin anywhere from 0.5mm to 3.5mm (depending on skin condition) without damaging the skin’s outer surface. It tightens, brightens, and lifts. It is known as the most popular non-surgical face-lift in the world of Medical Aesthetics.

Customers Say

maggie franzmaggie franz
16:29 31 Oct 23
I struggled with gut / digestive issues & was referred to Dr. K. Smith; and after a very thorough session she proscribed me some medication that over the span of 2 months that has completely turned my gut health around and i cannot be more thankful!all natural and extremely personal and helpful. would highly recommend!!
13:57 20 Oct 23
Tania the nurse is an encyclopedia of knowledge! She is very kind and conscientious answering all questions making clients very comfortable. Frankie is a sweetheart with a cheerful attitude and great host.
Shilpa GhateShilpa Ghate
23:43 16 Sep 23
I am so grateful to Dr. Caplan. Words in fact cannot describe the magnitude of my gratitude towards her. She is absolutely marvelous and wonderfully personable. With her care, expertise, and listening ear she has treated me and given me my life back after struggling for some years with non-specific symptoms including terrible insomnia. Within a short period of time not only were my symptoms resolved, but my vibrant health has returned and I feel on top of the moon!I am a physician myself, and I must say I was at my wit's end with my health and navigating through the healthcare system until I found Dr. Caplan. I am truly delighted with her care.
Barbara MacdonaldBarbara Macdonald
18:51 11 Sep 23
Dr Caplan is extremely knowledgeable and has helped me navigate through my hellish hormonal imbalances. I’m slowly getting there and would not have been able to do so without her help and care. I highly recommend her.
Deborah SharmaDeborah Sharma
15:43 30 Jun 23
Dr Shari Caplan is a very knowledgeable and compassionate doctor who helped me to understand what was happening with my vaginal issue when no one else could. She is very knowledgeable in menopausal vaginal issues and I finally got the answers I needed because she is such a thorough doctor who understands and sympathizes. She’s been very patient with me and informative and all the staff at Vitality are extremely kind, the clinic is beautiful and comforting too.
Olena Lotus 3Olena Lotus 3
16:27 17 Nov 22
I’ve been seeing Dr Kaplan for several years to help manage my PCOS and I’ve had significant improvements to my overall health and well-being. Highly recommend.
Tayler DesrocherTayler Desrocher
16:31 19 Oct 22
Dr. Shari Caplan is an angel. I have spent several months suffering from a skin condition that most doctors do not know how to properly treat nor seem to fully understand. It has been devastating for me as a young woman. Dr. Caplan took the time to listen to me and after meeting with her I am feeling more hopeful. She is incredibly knowledgeable and I am looking forward to trying the treatment plan that she recommended. I trust that I am in good hands. She was very kind and I am extremely grateful to have found her. It is clear that she genuinely cares about her patients. The girls at the front desk were lovely as well and so helpful! Thank you Vitality MD!
sam karounossam karounos
16:14 15 Sep 22
I had a great experience with Vitality MD from start to finish. The girls at the front were so sweet and nice and Dr Caplan provided a thorough assessment and individualized the treatment for me. I’m very happy with my experience and would recommend to anyone!!
Susan BSusan B
23:46 16 Aug 22
I initially searched out the clinic as I was looking for a Naturopath. I scheduled a consultation, and discovered the this medical spa has so much more to offer than I had expected. I am finally able to heal my acne scars through Scarlet RF and Laser Genesis treatments, am decreasing my facial lines, and lifting and firming all without fillers, and then...there's the amazing O-Shot. Who ever knew! If you don't you should check it out.
Natalie PooranNatalie Pooran
16:19 08 Jul 22
I absolutely LOVE VitalityMD. The service and staff are fantastic. I've had a number of services completed there, and always feel great after. I've recommend to friends and family, and they share the same sentiments.
Joanne GalloJoanne Gallo
22:56 16 Jun 22
I had the best experience at Vitality MD from the moment I walked in. All the staff was extremely helpful and so pleasant. The highlight was meeting Dr Caplan who completely exceeded my expectations! Dr Shari is so knowledgeable and intuitive. I would highly recommend their services. They all made me feel at ease and well taken care of.Once again I have to sing the praises for Dr Caplan! With this being the season for expressing gratitude, I am thankful for Dr Shari and her amazing service! OMG with a huge emphasis on the “O” for the O SHOT!! Life-changing and highly recommend to anyone!!
Tamara WhiteTamara White
06:27 27 Apr 22
Vitality MD was highly recommended by a friend and did not disappoint. The space is gorgeous, and the staff is lovely. I have had a few treatments, and they were all fantastic. Highly recommend the Hydra Facial. Nurse Yara is a wizard at the injections. Shari and her team are the best around. Thanks, guys! See you soon.
Terry LongTerry Long
06:02 27 Apr 22
I cannot stress how grateful and lucky I am for meeting Dr.Shari Caplan, Yara, and the team at Vitality MD. Every session I had, I felt peaceful, cared for, and confident with the treatment I was receiving. Dr.Shari spent time with me to carefully understand and provide me with the best treatment I needed. The clinic staff is warm, welcoming, and highly knowledgeable.
Krystal SanchezKrystal Sanchez
06:18 25 Apr 22
Victoria's facials are world class!! I’ve had many in my life and she is the best hands down. I get so many complements about my skin and she is gentle with extractions. My skin is always glowing and hydrated. I would highly recommend her
04:35 27 Mar 22
This is my second review after doing O-Shot number 2 for my Interstitial Cystitis symptoms and I could not be happier with the results. Dr. Caplan was incredibly thorough with my follow up consultation after my first O-Shot and asked detailed questions about my post injection experience and timeline for symptom improvement. She has a knack for being sensitive and sympathetic while maintaining her sense of clinical professionalism and always offers multi-disciplinary advice such as diet changes and holistic options in conjunction with her own treatments. My first O-Shot yielded noticable symptom improvement from my ongoing urethral burning and inflammation, allowing me to sleep 3-4 hours without having to get up and pee. It also helped with daytime urinary urgency and frequency. During my second O-Shot, Dr. Caplan was even more specific in targeting her injections around and inside my urethral opening. I am now able to sleep 4-5 hours consecutively on most nights and sometimes as long as 6 hours without having to get up and pee. For those who have never had bladder issues, this may not seem significant but to anyone with a bladder disease this is monumental. Getting proper sleep affects everything from physical healing to relationships to psychological well being. I have had I.C. since my 20's and am currently 53. After trying numerous medications, pelvic floor physiotherapy, surgical procedures and countless other therapies, the O-Shot is the first solution I've found that has made a noticeable difference in my quality of life. I would urge anyone with a bladder or vaginal condition to meet with Dr. Caplan to discuss whether the O-Shot might help to alleviate their symptoms. I am now convinced that the O-Shot works for my Interstitial Cystitis symptoms and look forward to further improvement after my next injection. I believe that ongoing maintenance shots will continue to give me quality of life that I have been missing out on. Thank you so much to Dr. Caplan and her kind staff!
Franel III RomanillosFranel III Romanillos
03:15 24 Mar 22
I love what victoria did to my face it was so relaxing and great! I cant stop looking at my face, I cant even cobtrol myself from touch my face even though she said not to! it just feels so great! 🥰🥰
Noor RatansiNoor Ratansi
18:38 01 Dec 21
The staff are professional, kind, knowledgeable. I can truly say Dr. Caplan changed my health is all the positive ways possible. Lyian is simply awesome, so helpful. I truly recommend this clinic for all women's health issues. I am living my best life, thank you VitalityMD Medispa
Hamza 2.0Hamza 2.0
14:59 25 Sep 21
Beautiful Office - friendly and knowledgeable staff and services are top notch! Highly recommend for improving health and wellness!
David LoeDavid Loe
03:37 03 Sep 21
I am sleeping soundly at night and feeling better than I have in a long time. thank you guys
Cathy MackieCathy Mackie
17:57 17 Aug 21
Second shot yesterday. Making life more comfortable and ultimately more enjoyable. Highly recommend it ladies!
19:39 19 Jul 21
I have Interstitial Cystitis and decided to try the O-Shot with targeted injections to my outer urethral area where constant burning has been a symptom for 20+ years. It took a little longer than expected (about 8-10 weeks post injection), but the effects have been quite amazing. I can fall asleep most nights without feeling a constant inflammatory sensation in my urethra and during the day I am hardly aware of any burning at all. This symptom of my disease has improved by about 40 % after one injection and my urinary frequency and urgency has improved by about 20 %. I am anxious to meet with Dr. Caplan to book another O-Shot and hope to have compounded positive effects from the second injection. I would urge anyone with urinary disease to consider trying the O-Shot since it's the only thing that has made this much difference in my comfort since I was diagnosed with IC. The clinic is very professional and Dr. Caplan takes every patient's history into account to make suggestions that are best suited to them.
Adam StrazzeriAdam Strazzeri
19:06 09 Jul 21
Got me feeling like myself again. The younger stronger more focused version of myself.Highly recommend
Robbie Spier MillerRobbie Spier Miller
16:25 24 Jun 21
I am sleeping better and feeling better. It's great to have a doctor who understands both traditional medicine and alternative health so you can get the best of both. Thank you!
Silvina JosephSilvina Joseph
20:11 28 May 21
It was my first visit and I must say Dr Caplen and her staff are amazing.They made me super comfortable before and during the treatment.Dr Caplen is very knowledgeable and really means well for her clients beyond the treatment plan.I look forward to my next treatment.
Simex BPOSimex BPO
12:09 19 May 21
Oh really! VitalityMD provides amazing services for me! I am really appreciate and strongly recommended!
Jason RodneyJason Rodney
19:42 30 Apr 21
This place is amazing!The staff is amazing!Dr. Caplan is magnificent!Everyone needs a consultation to see what I’m talking about.
Aleksandra JelenicAleksandra Jelenic
23:56 30 Mar 21
All of my visits to VitalityMD have been excellent. Amazing staff, beautiful establishment with incredible services. The Femmlift was a whole lot quicker then I expected and pain-free! I recommend it 100%.

I am sleeping better and feeling better. It's great to have a doctor who understands both traditional medicine and alternative health so you can get the best of both. Thank you!

Robbie Spier Miller Local Guide

Local Guide·12 reviews

All of my visits to VitalityMD have been excellent. Amazing staff, beautiful establishment with incredible services. The Femmlift was a whole lot quicker then I expected and pain-free! I recommend it 100%.

Aleksandra Jelenic

2 reviews

Oh really! VitalityMD provides amazing services for me! I am really appreciate and strongly recommended!

Simex BPO

2 reviews

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