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Glass Skin Therapy

This treatment is designed to get you that radiant, dewy, glass skin complexion that is visibly smooth, luminous, and clear. Our treatment uses a combo of micro-needling and regenerative exosomes in a very unique way to achieve that healthy, transparent, glowing skin.

It’s an excellent part of ones routine maintenance and we recommend monthly maintenance.

Benefits of Glass Skin Therapy

  • It rejuvenates skin
  • Improves texture
  • Evens skin tone
  • Plumps and hydrates
  • Reduces poor size

Treatment Time for Glass Skin Therapy

Treatment Area

Pre Treatment Info

If you are sensitive and have a low pain threshold, you can apply a topical 5% numbing cream 20 minutes prior to the procedure or you can take an extra strength tylenol before the procedure. We have Zensa Numbing Cream on sale in the clinic for your convenience. Most patients don’t need anything.

Post Treatment Care

First 24 Hours:

Avoid touching areas of treatment.

Keep exosomes on your skin overnight for maximum benefits.

Wash the treated skin the following morning with lukewarm water using a gentle cleanser. Use just your hands to massage the skin and pat dry to avoid irritation. 

Use recommended product for maximum glow!