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Vaginal Tightening and Labia Rejuvenation

Hey ladies! Have you had a baby and things aren’t  feeling the same down there? Well, we have the treatments for you. Both the VIVEVE and FEMILIFT can help diminish Vaginal laxity. Either treatment can rejuvenate your privates just like putting a stretched out baggy pair of  jeans in the dryer and making them feel tight and brand new again.

What is Vaginal Laxity:

Many Women with aging or after having a baby or having multiple sexual partners, find their anatomy changes and they are looser down there and they don’t feel the same sensation that they did before with sex. Having a nonsurgical vaginal tightening procedure like  the VIVEVE or FEMILIFT improves the sensitivity of the G-spot, (woohoo!!), increases lubrication and creates more collagen for a more snug fit so he likes it too! Without pain or down time.

Stacking the O-Shot with the Viveve or FemiLift is like a home run! Double up on your treatments to increase the sensitivity on your clitoris and G-spot, reduce vaginal dryness, rejuvenate the tissues and turn that Oh, into OMG!!!!

Vaginal tightening may help reduce urinary incontinence, help with vaginal dryness, and deal with many sexual issues that result due to age, childbirth, or menopause.

Many women who give birth vaginally find that they experience several common problems:

  • Lack of estrogen for new moms may lead to uncomfortable vaginal dryness
  • Vaginal dryness may lead to additional pain and discomfort during intercourse
  • The perineum and vagina have increased soreness, especially if torn during the delivery
  • A tear or episiotomy may lead to scar tissue and damage in the vagina
  • The vagina may be wider, affecting intercourse
  • Vaginal muscles may weaken
  • Incontinence, especially if coughing, laughing or jumping, can be embarrassing
  • The pelvic floor may be damaged
  • Weakened muscles negatively affect orgasms
  • Sexual intercourse may be uncomfortable, more difficult, or result in less sexual pleasure
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation and Tightening will address some, if not all of these issues.
  • Consider VIVEVE, FEMILIFT or the O-SHOT or a combo of these treatments.
  • Come see the experts at Vitalitymd for a personalized plan that best suits your needs.

Most patients find results after a single treatment. However, each patient needs an individual treatment plan that fits her body’s specific needs. Some patients find that a few months of treatments leads to longer-lasting results.

Patients do not need to worry about extensive downtime after the procedure. Minor spotting or discharge may result. However, most women can return to regular activities right away.

Improve Your Quality Of Life

In the end, vaginal tightening can alleviate vaginal issues and result in less laxity, better lubrication overall, increased sexual function, and increased sensation. The procedure also addresses issues like incontinence and itching. Patients who have extenuating health concerns like early menopause from chemotherapy or women who cannot undergo estrogen therapy benefit from this process. Vaginal tightening will help you return to a more vibrant you. Contact our helpful staff at VitalityMD today. Our friendly staff will gladly answer your questions and schedule your first consultation with our experienced staff. Call us today.

LABIA REJUVENATION (rejuvenation of lips down below)

We find that many patients aren’t happy with the aesthetics of their labia. With aging, major weight loss or having a baby, the private area changes and loses its youthful look. Often it will have sagging skin/tissue, enlarged labia or deflated wrinkled labia majora.

At VitalityMD we offer non surgical solutions such as Emfemme, Femitight, Vampire wing lift, PRP enhanced labia augmentation, and Viveve(remove), which are helpful in making your private area beautiful and almost brand new.

The Emfemme hands down is our best technology to rejuvenate your labia, it’s like getting a nonsurgical labiapasty with no pain or down time… I’ve seen amazing results where an almost 60 year old looks like a 20 year old …. book an appointment today.