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Yes, we’re talking about those “lips”! From Kim Kardashian to Sharon Osbourne to many of the Real Housewives cast members, all of Hollywood is singing the praises of vaginal rejuvenation treatments – and women in Toronto are starting to take notice.

Quickly becoming some of the top procedures we perform at VitalityMD medi spa, non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation is all the rage, and for good reason!

What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Rather than a single treatment or product, vaginal rejuvenation is an umbrella term that deals with restoring your vagina, labia, clitoris, and overall female anatomy to a younger and more optimal state. While labiaplasty and vaginal reconstruction surgery are medical procedures that require you to go under the knife, for example, a slew of non-invasive/non-surgical rejuvenation procedures are becoming increasingly popular.

Toronto women have been raving about the benefits of The O-Shot®, The Viveve, The Virginizer, and Scarlet PRP to name a few, for their ability to improve aesthetics, increase lubrication, and help them feel more sensitive “down there,” all with very little pain or recovery time.

A Tighter, Brighter, and More Sensitive Vagina? That’s Just the Start!

While the aesthetics these procedures offer are incredible, the benefits of vaginal rejuvenation are not purely cosmetic. For women with issues such as lichen sclerosus, vestibulitis, or urinary incontinence, for example, non-surgical rejuvenation procedures have made a huge difference in everyday life.

When the discomfort that they’ve dealt with for many years melts away overnight, women are very thankful that quick and non-invasive feminine procedures like these exist.

Benefits vary from procedure to procedure, but may include:

And many more!

What are My Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment Options in Toronto?

As sexual health experts, the team at VitalityMD medi spa in Toronto has spent a lot of time and effort researching the best vaginal rejuvenation treatments on the market. While there are many to consider, our services include the O-Shot®, Vampire Lip Lift, Scarlet-enhanced vaginal PRP, the Virginizer, and the Viveve. Each vaginal rejuvenation process comes with its list of pros and cons. While you’re welcome to do your own research, it’s best to get in touch with our Toronto team to chat about your personalized treatment plan, which covers procedure options, risks, benefits, and many other details you’ll want to know.

Ready to hit refresh on your vagina? Contact us for personalized advice today!

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