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What is the O-Shot®?

The O-Shot®, also known as the Orgasm Shot®, is a patented vaginal rejuvenation treatment developed by Dr. Charles Runels with the goal of increasing sexual pleasure, reducing urinary incontinence, and improving vaginal lubrication.

A form of PRP treatment, the O-Shot® is a non-surgical injection of platelet-rich plasma (a concentration of activated platelets) into the vaginal and clitoral areas in order to stimulate new cell growth.

Dr. Shari Caplan, MD, CCFP, FCFP, FAARM, and owner of VitalityMD medi spa in Toronto breaks it down in this loose transcription of this loose transcription of Dr. Caplan’s interview with Blake Carter from Toronto’s Flow 93.5!

A Peek at the Procedure

Dr. Shari: First I’ll take a look down there, double-check the anatomy, make sure there are no issues, apply some topical freezing cream, and then your pants go back on and you can chill out for about 20 – 30 minutes until the freezing takes effect. At that point, we’ll do a blood draw, and then move forward with the actual O-Shot® injection. The spinning of your blood in the centrifuge will take about 9 minutes.

If you’re wondering how long the actual O-Shot® injection takes, it’s only about 10 minutes total. The time-consuming part of the procedure is the prep and getting everything organized.

So, now that you’ve passed the anatomy check…

Let’s Take a Moment to Chat About the Benefits of the O-Shot®

The O-Shot® is for anybody who wants to improve their orgasms. Even a female who is single can be interested because we all still want to have that big O! Basically, it helps with sensitivity “down there,” sexual desire, and stress urinary incontinence. For example, for women who notice some leaking after coughing or sneezing, the Orgasm Shot® helps! It’s also great for women who have scarring or lichen sclerosus, as well as those with vaginal dryness. The O-Shot® has a lot of benefits and it’s proven to be really successful.

Blake Carter: “So if you are somebody that doesn’t have any problem with having an orgasm or any of these problems that you’ve listed off, could you just do this for extra sensation?”

Dr. Shari: For sure! Everybody’s ability to orgasm and the height of their orgasm is different; it’s subjective. How do you know you can’t have one that’s even better? In the same way you want to rejuvenate your face, rejuvenating your vagina is now an option!

What Sets VitalityMD Apart From Other Clinics Offering the O-Shot® Procedure?

Dr. Shari Caplan, the owner of VitalityMD, is essentially known as “the Hormone Doctor.” While we can fix your anatomy inside and out, if your hormones are out of balance and your health isn’t at its peak, you’re not going to get where you really want to go. At our Toronto medical clinic and medi spa, we have a lot of tricks up our sleeve to make women feel better, have better orgasms, fix vaginal dryness, and improve many other health issues. We are experts in sexual health and our staff is trained by the inventor of the O-Shot® himself, Dr. Charles Runels.

Think the O-Shot® might be right for you? Contact the experts at VitalityMD to get started!

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