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DNA Genetics

Genetics Testing Toronto

THE BENEFITS OF GENETICS TESTING ARE ENORMOUS and can help guide us to make a significant difference in your health.

Genetic testing will provide a personalized blueprint or roadmap to Optimize Your Health. Recommendations will be unique to your genetic profile. Here are a few examples of things that we can learn:

Learn how to target supplements to improve Energy, Mood, and Brain function.

Learn how to target nutrients to improve Weight Loss, Detox and Hormone Balance.

Find out based on your genes, what type of Diet and Exercise is best for Health and Weight Loss for yourself ?

Should I be on a ketogenic diet?
Is dietary fat my friend or foe?
Will I benefit from a high protein diet?
Is the Mediterranean diet best for my cardiovascular health?
Should I be on a gluten free diet?
Am I lactose intolerant?
Should I be on a low Carb diet
Is HIIT causing rapid aging or helping with weight loss?
Am I built for weight resistant training?

What is your Caffeine Metabolizer status ?

Did you know, that if you are a fast caffeine metabolizer and drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day, that you can reduce your cardiometabolic risk. But if you are a slow caffeine metabolizer and drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day, it will increase your risk. If you are both a BRCA1 carrier and a slow caffeine metabolizer, then having one cup of coffee a day can reduce the incidence of breast cancer by 64%.

Reduce your Risk of Breast Cancer

Are you Estrogen dominant, on hormones or considering hormones?

Learn how you metabolize your hormones and what you can do about it, to reduce your risks of breast cancer.

These are just a few examples of what you will learn by doing genetic testing.

We offer many different genetic tests and counselling opportunities. Ask for details.

Our testing is developed by world-renowned researchers and are based on the most robust scientific evidence. DNA is analyzed using a simple saliva sample.