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Exosome Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

Exosomes Infusion Therapy is based on the most cutting-edge, scientific biotech breakthrough for skin and scalp rejuvenation and regeneration. The micro-gold needling combined with Exosomes is the latest and most advanced treatment that can harness the power of over 2 billion stem cells. Exosomes are the cell communicators; they tell cells what to do and transfer numerous growth factors, cytokines and genetic materials that have shown signs of tissue repair and improving skin cells.

Benefits of Exosomes Infusion Therapy:

• Dramatic improvement in the healing time as well as the results of the treatment
• Redness and skin irritation reduction
• Improvement of skin lesions, scars, texture, and pore size
• Fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots
• Age prevention
• Elasticity and collagen formation improvement

Treatment Time for Exosomes Infusion Therapy

Treatment Area

Treatment Info

The micro-gold needling combined with exosomes is the latest and most advanced treatment that can harness the power of over 2 billion stem cells.
In this treatment, we are using a 99.9% pure gold-plated surgical grade micro-needling device to deliver exosomes to the desired depth of the epidermis. With minimal discomfort and time, you will notice an instant result that will last a lot longer than similar treatments.

Pre Exosomes Infusion Care:

In the week leading up to your treatment, here are some tips you can take to prepare.

Avoid (before & after):

Tanning beds or sun exposure
Anti-Inflammatory Medications (aspirin, ibuprofen) 
Blood Thinners (Fish Oil, Vitamin E) 
Topical antibiotics, retinoids, exfoliants, acids, hydroquinone 
Hair removal creams, electrolysis, and waxing. Do not shave the day of
Laser treatments and fillers
Accutane, commonly found in acne medication, should be avoided for 6 months prior.

On the day of treatment:

If you are sensitive and have a low pain threshold, you can apply a topical 5% numbing cream 20 minutes prior to the procedure or you can take a tylenol before the procedure. We have Zensa Numbing Cream on sale in the clinic for your convenience.

Post Treatment Care

First 24 Hours:

Avoid touching area of treatment.
Keep exosomes on your skin overnight for maximum benefits.

Wash the treated skin following morning with lukewarm water using gentle cleanser. Use just your hands to massage the skin and pat dry to avoid irritation. 

Use recommended product for maximum glow!