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At VitalityMD, We offer a variety of weight management programs that are all medically supervised programs by our team of trained Physicians and Nurses. Weight loss is not only about going down a clothing size or two. It’s about improving your life in dozens of ways. Our weight loss management programs are yielding great results. We tailor to your specific goals.

90 Day Weight loss Program with Dr Nik Whyte

This intensive medically supervised weight loss program is provided by Dr. Nik Whyte, MD, CCFP, Dip of ABOM. Dr. Whyte uses a holistic approach to create an individualized program for every client. Clients will have weekly visits with Dr. Whyte to track their progress during the program.

In addition to creating a diet, exercise, and lifestyle program for clients, Dr. Whyte also uses supplements and medications to facilitate their weight loss. Further, the program emphasizes lifestyle modification and improvement of your overall health and wellness.

Included in the program:

-12 visits with Dr. Whyte
-Comprehensive Assessments at visits 1, 6, and 12
-Weekly injections with fat-loss Vitamin Supplements
-Nutrition Counselling
-Exercise Counselling
-Complete blood work panel at start and end of the program
-Body Compositional Analysis at start and end of the program
-Program manual and weekly educational content
-Weight loss medication to jump-start your weight loss
-Comprehensive final report including before and after photos

Dr. Whyte is excited to offer this program exclusively at Vitality MD. Dr. Whyte is a diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine and is one of few physicians in Canada with this designation. He is an advocate of a healthy lifestyle as a means of disease prevention and practices what he preaches.

Genetic Testing for Weight Loss

Not sure which diet to follow?

……low fat, low carb, keto, vegetarian? Should I take supplements? Is caffeine good for me?

……do I benefit from Omega3 or olive oil? Should I do endurance or high intensity training?

Understanding how your genes can influence your body’s response to diet, nutrition, and exercise. By examining DNA from saliva, a genetic test can provide you with scientifically based personalized recommendations on diet, nutrition, and exercise as well as understanding as to why you may be prone to certain eating behaviours. Studies have shown that using the diet that benefits your DNA lost as much as two times more weight than those not using a diet suited to their DNA.

Genetic testing can help personalize a nutrition and fitness program. If the weight is still not coming off, consider both genetic testing to check your Detox Pathways and a Toxic Core Panel as some patients are genetically predisposed to store toxins (which are obesogens), which make us and keep us fat. Learning how to detoxify, and what chemicals you have stored, can help with weight loss and significantly improve your health long term.


Available Testing (according to what is required)
  • Hormone assessment
  • Body composition Testing
  • Metabolic
  • Gut Health, CDSA and Stool
  • Genetic Testing for Weight loss, detoxification, methylation, etc
  • Organic Acids
  • Micronutrients Testing
  • Advanced Cardiac Testing (advanced lipid testing, PLAC)
  • Omega 3 index
  • SIBO Testing

***Not all Testings above are not included in the weight loss program – additional changers may apply***

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