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Dr. David Freedman

Dr. David Freedman


Cardiologist and Co-Founder

Areas of Expertise


Medical Consulting

It is with deep felt sadness that this message goes out. My husband David (co founder of VitalityMD) lost his battle with Cholangiocarcinoma. A devastating type of cancer that carries a prognosis of 3-6 months.

We were fortunate to have him around for 18 months.

If it wasn’t for David, VitalityMD as we know it would never have existed. He was my number one supporter.


I had been in situations in the past that people took advantage of me. I was happy to settle and just to be a practitioner but David knew I had a dream to create an amazing clinic and help a lot of people. He pushed me out on a ledge and said go do it.

With money that we saved (mostly his money) we took our lifesavings, a mortgage and loans to buy, build and run VitalityMD until It could be profitable. I went from practitioner, to construction manager, business woman and more.


David a cardiologist , became HR, finance, web design, social media and more. David and I have worked tirelessly almost 18 hrs a day since 2013….. At several points during this time, I was feeling burned out, and needed a break. David was in his glory.

He loved the fact we were creating this clinic, there was always something to do and there was a never ending list of podcast, articles, research on functional medicine to learn to create the foundation for the clinic.


In 2017 David broke his foot and couldn’t weight bear for 3 months and on the last week before his cast came off, he fell and tore his tricep. He continued to work, despite his injuries. People said it was a sign to slow down but he wouldn’t listen.

Feb 2018 after coming back from Jamaica and with only a 3 week history of abdominal pain he was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic bile duct cancer and our lives were changed for ever.

Things we’ve learned from this experience is that the damaging effects of STRESS trumps a good diet and exercise. David was always stressed and worried about finances especially with all the new projects and commitments that we had taken on and Practicing integrative Medicine puts a target on our back which is a scary place to be.

We’ve learned to meditate and try to be present and take one day at a time. We looked for blessing in simple things.

Family was very important to David. He was always there for his kids and we were blessed with 3 kids who are doing well.


David was an amazing man, husband, partner, father, brother, cardiologist, friend.
He was the true impetus for VitalityMD.

Please help make VitalityMD successful, a legacy for him so he can live on.

Donations in Daves honour can be made to Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation,

Rest In Peace David


Dr. Shari Caplan