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Functional Medicine and Hormone Therapist

Areas of Expertise

Client Care

Weight Loss Consulting

Lyian is our Clinic Manager and Hormone therapist. She has been training with Dr Caplan since June 2013.  She has aquired expertise in areas of hormone balance including the use of bio-identical hormones , weight loss, as well as the use of supplements in Naturopathic Medicine.  As part of her on-going determination to broaden her expertise, she completed a Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine with A4M.

Lyian is an enthusiastic individual and a natural born leader who is always seeking new challenges. 

Lyian attends several conferences and seminars and frequently listens to webinars to stay current with the literature in order to meet the patient’s needs. She is an integral part of the team, and is an excellent resource for many of your questions.

Lyian has a Bachelors degree in both Psychology and Health Studies from the University of Toronto. Between 2008 and 2013, she worked in Family Practice Units and an  integrative Medical Clinic, both as a Medical Assistant and as Team leader. During this time, she learned about a broad variety of patient problems and gathered expertise in identifying and helping to manage them.