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Fantastic Article on Lichen Sclerosus and PRP.
(Modified O-SHOT®)

At VitalityMD, we have developed a special protocol treating lichen sclerosus with PRP.
Dr. Caplan has suspected that Lichen Sclerosus is an autoimmune mediated condition and a lack of hormones or a precipitating event ( like an infection or exposure) can trigger it. There is also a familial component (ie. family members can be affected).

Summary of the article below that supports Dr. Caplans theories


  • LS is autoimmune mediated. 
  • Women tend to have at least one other autoimmune condition.
  • 42% of women have autoimmune antibodies.
  • Trauma and chronic irritation are causative factors. 
  • Low testosterone can precipitate it. 
  • Traditional treatment is clobetasol or tacrolimus… 
  • PRP done the right way can help heal, and regenerate the tissues
  • Not all providers of the O-Shot® know how to treat LS. Come to the experts at VitalityMD!

Another Satisfied Customer - Lichen Sclerosis

Lichen Sclerosus can cause (especially in severe cases):

  • Phimosis (scarring) of the clitoral hood to the clitoris with decreased sensation and anorgasmia (inability to orgasm)
  • decreased blood flow to the area
  • fissures (cuts in the skin)
  • itching to the point of torment
  • bleeding & pain with walking, or even wearing tight jeans or clothes
  • pain, bleeding, & tearing with sex (called dyspareunia)
  • because of the above, often women can’t tolerate any penetration even when aroused, (so sad)
  • secondary loss of libido when sex becomes associated with pain,
  • loss of the labia, narrowing of the vaginal opening and vaginal atrophy
  • pain with urination, recurrent bladder infections
  • secondarily cause depression and low self esteem
  • 10% chance of squamous cell carcinoma

Don’t be SCARED! Be PROACTIVE! Go to an expert and get checked out. Clobetasol is the standard of care but there is a better way to heal the tissues instead of just controlling symptoms. Consider the Modified O-Shot®.
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In conclusion

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