Pearl Laser

Pearl Laser, not to be confused with Pearl Fractional Laser, is superficial peel done with a laser by Cutera® that helps renew your skin, in one or two treatments, to minimize wrinkles, uneven texture and discolouration. In this treatment, the top later of your skin is treated with pulses of light and the deeper layers are heated.

During Pearl laser treatment, the top layer of skin is treated with pulses of light and the deeper layers of skin are heated. You will feel a mild pinching sensation.

Benefits of Pearl Laser

Pearl is an excellent treatment for people with mild to moderate sun damage; such as discolouration, sun spots, diffuse redness, broken capillaries, pigmentation, and uneven texture, clarity and tone.

Treatment Time for Pearl Laser

Treatment Area

Treatment Info

Pearl Laser is best for aging and sun damaged skin, offering you that pearly glow of youth. It’s a perfect treatment for treating fine lines, uneven skin texture and dark spots resulting from sun damage and requires less treatments than other laser skin resurfacing treatments, although with 3 – 4 days of recovery and social downtime.

Before your treatment, your Vitality Skin Expert will apply a topical numbing cream to your skin as the treatment can be a bit painful. Clients have said it feels similar to a bunch of brief pinches. During your treatment, the top layer of your skin is treated with pulses of light. The laser simultaneously sends heat to the deeper layers of skin to provide longer-term benefits. A natural protective dressing forms on the skin to minimize downtime during the restorative process. On day 3 or 4, this natural dressing will peel or slough off, revealing new, healthy, vibrant skin underneath.

Within the first week, you will notice the smoother texture, better clarity, and softness of your glowing face. It will take a few weeks to see the complete transformation, and you may require one additional treatment one month after your first treatment depending on your goals, which you can discuss with your Medical Aesthetician.

We offer a FREE skin analysis with one of our Vitality Skin Experts to determine your best skin care plan based on your personal goals and needs.

Post Treatment Care

For a few days after your Pearl Laser treatment, your face will feel and appear sunburned. It is important to apply polysporin or colloidal silver and sunscreen of SPF30 or higher. Also, avoid heavy sweating within the first 24 hours post treatment and try not to touch your face. When your skin begins to peel, allow it to peel on its own. Do not pull at the skin. You can wear makeup again after 3 – 4 days and continue your normal daily activities right away; however, you may wish to limit social activities for up to four days.

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