Nurse Tanya

Tanya Thompson


Integrative and Functional Healthcare Nurse at VitalityMD.

Tanya received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Trent University in 2018. After graduating, Tanya worked at two downtown Toronto hospitals, floating to a wide variety of medical, surgical and psychiatric in-patient and emergency units. Tanya gained invaluable insight into the role that allopathic medicine plays in the modern healthcare world, and is excited to apply this knowledge within an integrative, functional healthcare model here at VitalityMD.

Tanya believes that health is achieved by means of primary prevention first and foremost, but that the body also has an incredible ability to heal from states of disease and illness. She views individuals as a whole; body, mind and spirit, and believes that these components work synergistically to create healthy, thriving human beings. Tanya is fascinated by the human body and how it works down to the molecular level. She has a driving curiosity to understand how disease and illness become and manifest, she is on a journey to discover root causes and optimal ways to support and heal the body with nutritional and herbal therapies.

In her spare time, Tanya loves to tend to her numerous house plants and vegetable garden in the summertime. She is passionate about food! You’ll often find Tanya in the kitchen, experimenting with all kinds of nutritious and delicious recipes she’s found on Pinterest. Tanya loves biking around the city, road trips and back-country camping adventures, she’s always up for a rewarding challenge! 

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