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Blood Sample

Strategic Medical Testing

We offer a variety of testings to assist in optimizing your health. We can identify personalized features that are unique to you as an individual and can be used to improve your health

Micronutrient Testing

This measures 33 Amino Acids, vitamins and minerals which are essential to health and wellness. Replacing deficiencies will help to optimize health. We offer a variety of testings to optimize your health.

Advanced Lipid Profile and Cardiovascular Markers

Years ago, we used to comment about a patient’s cholesterol based on the Total cholesterol. We then learned that was incorrect, and moved forward to measuring HDL and LDL and Triglycerides . There are now ways to stratify this even further into different types of HDL and LDL. Both categories have good and bad types. So, it is useful to know which type you predominately have. There are also many other cardiac markers which we can measure to help with risk stratification.

Four Point Cortisol Testing

This test has been used by NASA to assess astronaut stress . It can assess stress and risks for metabolic syndrome.

Telomere Testing

Telomeres are little sections of genetic material at the end of your chromosomes which are thought to prevent chromosomal fraying when cells divide. As your cells age, the telomeres shorten. Eventually, they become too short and the cells stop dividing and die. Age adjusted telomere length is thought to be the best method to assess biological age. So, measuring your telomere length may be useful. Therapies directed to slow telomere regression may be useful at slowing aging and age-related disease. There are several natural and pharmacuetical compounds which have been shown to be able to slow down telomere regression.

Genetic Testing

Can your genes affect the way that you respond to different types of food and to exercise?

Science says YES!

By examining DNA from saliva, a genetic test can provide you with scientificaly based personalized recommendations on diet, nutrition, exercise, as well as an understanding as to why you may be prone to certain eating behaviours.

Hormone Testing

  • saliva
  • serum
  • bloodspot

Note: We offer a variety of Strategic Medical tests beyond those mentioned above. For more information or to inquire about a specific test you are interested in, please contact us today.