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Adit Margaliot

Dr. Adit Margaliot


Neurology and Sleep Medicine Doctor

Areas of Expertise

Neurology and Sleep Medicine

Functional Medicine

Dr. Margaliot obtained her MD degree from McMaster University, followed by a residency in Neurology and a fellowship in Neuromuscular Disorders at Western University (formerly the University of Western Ontario). She went on to practice both community and hospital-based Neurology for many years. As she saw the rising epidemic of sleep difficulties amongst her patients, and with the goal of offering them greater support, she went on to also become designated as a Sleep Medicine Specialist. Still, it was her own health journey that brought her to Functional Medicine. Through her own experience, and by looking through the eyes of her patients, she saw there was much missing in the conventional health system as it is today. It became clear to her that to bring an individual back to wellness, it is crucial to spend the time to understand their unique history and set of circumstances, and to treat them as a whole, both body and spirit. She went on to train through the Institute of Functional Medicine, as well as taking many other courses to be able to bring this paradigm to her work. Watching her patients shed their chronic suffering, take back control of their health, and find vibrancy and energy again, has been her greatest reward.

In her Functional Medicine Practice, Dr. Margaliot is not going to replace your specialist. She works alongside them to provide complimentary therapies.